Our philosophy is credibility and endurance over time. The name of the Company comes from the chisel that our ancestors used to sculpture works of art such as the Parthenon and its carved decorations. 

     Carving wood, carving stone, carving time, to eternity.

Founders of  Smili SA, Chrisoula Tsala and Giannnis Margaritis, began construction projects for the public sector in the Cyclades – a major milestone was the reconstruction of an old windmill in Amorgos. In 2003 the first phase of the company into a General Partnership (GP) was completed, while in 2007 the statue was amended into a corporation (SA) obtaining a 3rd class degree for public works. In 2010 new perspectives were opened for the Company's activities with the revision of the contracting degree to 4th class. In 2013 Smili SA won its first piblic tender for the construction of a Waste Water Treatment plant in Antiparos island. Since then, the Company has constructed and operated more than five Waste Water Treatment plants in various Greek islands.

Currently Smili SA has a set of public works in all categories and the highlight is the construction of two dams which are in progress.Through this course of undertaking the two dams in Rhodes and Crete, we got a new dynamic increasing our know-how and experience in the sector.

In the private sector we have had multiple projects focused not only on the study and development of real estate for a variety of uses (e.g. buildings, schools, sport facilities, industrial sites) but also the study, construction and renovation of major hotel units. 


The Company focuses on companies, individuals and the State, aiming at:

  • Undertaking and construction of projects that require special degrees, in Greece and abroad.
  • Consulting and project management within time and budget based on quality and safety.
  • Research and completion of studies for real estate development.
  • Operation and maintenance of technical projects of all types and nature for the realization of investment goals.