Copy of Services

Services category is stand on main menu. It’s the part of the application that wires all difficult stuff together and gives you easy to understand results. When writing a Service it is a common best-practice to define an Interface first. Interfaces are a good way to ensure that other programmers can easily build extensions for our Services using their own implementations. In other words, they can write Services that have the same function names but internally do completely different things but have the same specified result.

Step 1: Finding the position of Category "Service" in backend:

In the Administrator, please go to: Component ->> K2 ->> Categories. Then Filter module service as category:

Step 2:Finding the content of Service:

You can find all the content in backend here:

Disable/ Enable / Edit module service

You can do this step by go to Administrator ->> Extensions ->> Module ->> Then Disable or enable Module Service:

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