The Company's well-established scientific advice contributes to the maximum possible utilization of your property, this being: building, hotel, school sport infrastructure, industrial building or other.


  • REAL ESTATΕ SERVICES: Smili SA has a team of engineers, lawyers, accountants who can ensure the legality of the building titles, the necessary approvals (forestry, archaeology), buildability and also prepare feasibility studies based on market criteria.
  • INVESTMENT PROJECTS FINANCING: Evaluation of investment projects and utilization of best financing sources for submission of applications to subsidy programs (e.g. Development Law, ESPA etc.)
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We project manage technical projects following the fourfold 'QUALITY-TIME-COST-SAFETY'
  • CONSULTING/RESOLVING TECHNICAL ISSUES: We meet the requirements of our customers in relation to advice and guidelines for the technical, legal, and financial framework of a project.